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Insomniacs Night Out

Fri 27th April 2018
8.30pm - 10.30pm
Stratford ArtsHouse
£20 incl wines

Round off the week with a fun evening discovering that there is more behind wine than good grapes and a nice label. The philosopher Professor Barry Smith and Salon London creator Helen Bagnall will be exploring David Hume’s 1757 essay ‘Of the Standard of Taste’ which explores his quietly provocative idea that when it comes to wine not all opinions are equal. Like art - some people are just not capable of tasting good wine, and that universally valid judgements are possible. They’ll ask why the world’s best wine tasters couldn’t tell the difference from white wine coloured red and red wine, and explain how the brain processes wine and how little of it is about taste and so much of it is about us. They’ll ask why looking forward to a glass of wine is a good thing, the role of words and story in our enjoyment of wine, how wine makers can produce emotion in the drinker, and the essential nature of intoxication. Inlcudes tasting wines, yum!

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