John Humphrys

A Day Like Today

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Sat 2nd November 2019 Start Time: 5:00 pm End Time: 6:00 pm

Stratford Play House


For many years, we’ve woken to the often-combative voice of John Humphrys presenting Radio 4’s Today, Britain’s most popular news programme. Now he’s hung up his headphones, the veteran broadcaster looks back at a remarkable career. Famed for his tough interviewing, his deep suspicion of authority in all its forms, his passionate commitment to various causes and his ferocious intellect, he’ll reflect on his life from his Cardiff childhood through the ups and downs of his life as a journalist covering Watergate and apartheid South Africa, his time presenting BBC Nine O’Clock News and over 30 years holding politicians to account before breakfast. He’ll give us a behind-the-scenes account of the programme with his insights and stories about major politicians, figures in the news, celebrities, the BBC, as well as his trenchant view on the role of the media in politics and the health of the political system.

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