Sir Max Hastings

Chastise - The Dam Busters Story

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Fri 1st November 2019 Start Time: 5:30 pm End Time: 6:30 pm

Stratford Play House


Operation Chastise, the destruction of the Mohne and Eder dams in north-west Germany by the RAF’s 617 Squadron on the night of 16th and 17th May 1943, was an epic that has passed into Britain’s national legend. The aircrew’s heroism was entirely real, as was the brilliance of Barnes Wallis, inventor of the ‘bouncing bombs’. But commanders who promised their young fliers that success could shorten the war fantasised as ruthlessly as they did about the entire bomber offensive. Some 1,400 civilians perished in the biblical floods that ensued. The acclaimed historian Max Hastings sets the Dams Raid in the big picture of the bomber offensive and of the Second World War, with detailed portraits of those involved, including the monstrous Air Marshal Sir Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris and the tragic Guy Gibson, with superb narrative on one of the most extraordinary episodes in British history.

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