Ella Risbridger and Laura Freeman

Ingredients for Recovery

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Fri 3rd May 2019 Start Time: 4:00 pm End Time: 5:00 pm

Stratford Play House

£10 (£8 students)

What if a meal could save your life? This is just what a roast chicken did for Ella Risbridger, blogger, columnist and cook, whose love of food and cooking saved her in a desperate hour, lying on the floor of her flat in the depths of a dark depression. Ella has now written Midnight Chicken, part cookbook, part memoir, which charts her story and recovery. She will be joined in conversation by the author of The Reading Cure, Laura Freeman, whose love of reading helped her to battle an eating disorder that threatened to overwhelm her. Join these emerging voices discussing mental health, literature, and the love of a good meal.

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