Ed Husain 

Islam: Why We Misunderstand It

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Sun 28th April 2019 Start Time: 2:30 pm End Time: 3:30 pm

Stratford Play House

£10 (£8 students)

How much do you really know about Islam? A faith rich with strong values and traditions, observed by nearly two billion people across the world, it is seen by the West as something to be feared rather than understood. Join Ed Husain, the bestselling author of The Islamist and co-founder of the counter-extremism organisation the Quilliam Foundation, in a fascinating and revelatory exploration of the intricacies of the faith. With wisdom and authority, he will provide entry to the minds and hearts of Muslims the world over and introduce non-Muslims to the faith, explaining the tension between mysticism and literalism that still threatens the House of Islam.

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