JB Priestley

The Other Stratford Writer

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Sun 28th April 2019 Start Time: 12:30 am End Time: 1:30 pm

Stratford Play House

£12 (£10 students)

Priestley was one of the most celebrated, and often controversial, commentators and writers of the twentieth century whose many works include Time and The Conways and An Inspector Calls. In 1968, Rosalie Batten became Priestley’s secretary at Kissing Tree House, Stratford, where he lived for the last 25 years of his life, giving her a unique insight into his life detailed in her book: Priestley at Kissing Tree House: A Memoir. Broadcaster and comedian Barry Cryer, a personal friend of Priestley, is joined by Batten’s daughter, Sophie Fyson, to discuss this remarkable man.

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