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Happy Birthday Mr Shakespeare

Tuesday 22nd April 2014

Deborah Alma, aka The Emergency Poet, will be joining us on Bancroft Gardens on Saturday 26th April to celebrate Shakespeare's Birthday. With her reliable sidekick Nurse Verse, she will be dispensing poems to ease the soul and heal the mind.

But to honour Shakespeare's great day we asked her to write a poem, and when pen got to paper, it turned out to be a personal journey: strong memories and lasting impressions from someone that lived as a young girl on a North London Council Estate and studied Shakespeare at a local school. For her 18th birthday, she was given a beautifully bound copy of Shakespeare’s works which she read from cover to cover. Here's her poem:


Shakespeare in North London

Happy birthday me old mate,

dead as a door nail,

shuffled off this mortal coil, love

you are to me, the weight of wisdoms,

the life still, the bloody fire, the force

that moves girls in council estates,

finds her a fool, a Queen, a lover,

the way madness lies,

spins her round on wild heaths,

up and up, a witch, spells spun.


Unhappy I am that I cannot heave

my heart into my mouth

and write you a birthday song.


Find out more about Deborah here.

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