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Jon Snow steps into the breach

Wednesday 10th April 2013

Created with GIMPWe are delighted that the award-winning journalist and news anchorman for Channel 4 News, Jon Snow, has stepped into the breach to replace Tony Benn, who is suffering from ill health, at the opening night of the Festival. 

With his extra-ordinary journalistic achievements, strong opinions and first hand knowledge of some of the most historic global events of the last 30 years, Jon will be talking about what he sees as the Golden Age of Journalism, reflecting on the changes in media communications and offering a personal insight into some of his own experiences as a world current affairs reporter.  

Jon Snow joined ITN in 1976 after working in local radio and served as Washington correspondent before returning to the UK in 1986 to become ITN’s Diplomatic Editor. He become the main presenter of Channel 4 News in 1989 and has reported the freeing of Mandela, the collapse of the Berlin Wall and many other world events. He has interviewed Ronald Reagan, George Bush Snr, Mikhail Gorbachev, Monica Lewinski, Kofi Anan, Yasser Arafat and, of course, Margaret Thatcher, amongst many others. During his career, he has reported from most of the world’s trouble spots, from central and Latin American to the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Russia. He'll be signing copies of his autobiography, Shooting History, which details Snow’s life from his childhood up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

His many awards include the Richard Dimbleby Bafta award for Best Factual Contribution to Television (2005), and Royal Television Society awards for Journalist of the Year (2006) and Presenter of the Year (2009).

As well as presenting Channel4 news programme, Jon writes Snowblog  - a unique take on the day's events - and Snowmail - a preview of the evening programme's main stories.

Whilst we are very disappointed that Tony Benn won't be with us, we are thrilled that someone of Jon's stature will be stepping into his shoes.

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