About Us

The Stratford upon Avon Literary Festival was set up in 2008 and the Festival Team comprises:

Annie Ashworth - Trustee, Festival Director and Programming
Jo James - Operations Manager
Jane Churchill - Schools and Children's Events Programming

Helen Watts - Children's Events Consultant

Jennie Dobson - Books with Friends Meetings Leader

Liz Wise - Books with Friends Coordinator

Nancy Cooper - Steward Coordinator

David Fletcher - Trustee and Money Man
Created with GIMP Martin Kinoutly - Trustee and Legal Eagle

Caroline Walley - Author Care

The Festival offers an opportunity for people to meet their favourite authors and celebrities, but also provides the chance to learn new skills and offers advice to those wanting to pursue a career in writing.

The Festival has an extensive community programme, works in prisons and has one of the biggest educational and schools programmes of any literary festival.

We also aim to have great fun doing it!

Festival Office: 01789 470185

The Stratford Literary Festival is a Registered Charity Number: 1164662.
: Annie Ashworth, David Fletcher, Suzanne James, Archie Kane, Martin Kinoulty