Bedtime Story Parties

We reckon that bedtime stories are the best part of the day. The time to stop work, put down the phone, talk about what happened at school and share something wonderful, a storybook.

Sadly fewer and fewer children are going to bed with a bedtime story so we thought we'd try and do something about that!

Each year we invite children and their parents or guardians to write a bedtime story together, and we then get together for a Bedtime Story Party after school, invite along a children's author, have hot chocolate and biscuits, wear our pyjamas and share the stories we've written.

This project has been recognised by Arts Council England and, in March 2020, a generous grant enables us to offer five schools in the region a Bedtime Story Party free of charge.

To find out more and suggest we pack our slippers and come along to your school, please email us here.