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Cat Weatherill WORKSHOP

Is this a dagger? Creative writing inspired by RSC props

Wed 1 May 11:00am


Peter Kemp

Retroland - A guide to our literary landscape

Wed 1 May 12:00pm

£13 students £11

Derek Bardowell and Andrew Day

The Volunteer Economy - how and why volunteering is vital to society

Wed 1 May 2:00pm

£13 students £11

Michael Wood

In the Footsteps of Du Fu

Wed 1 May 3:30pm

£15 students £11

Rosemary Salomone

The Rise of English

Wed 1 May 3:30pm

£13 students £11

Alex Wheatle

Sufferah - Memoir of a Brixton Reggae Head

Wed 1 May 5:00pm

£13 students £11

Daniel Finkelstein NEW DATE and TIME

Hitler, Stalin, Mum and Dad

Wed 1 May 5:00pm

£15 students £13

Susan Fletcher and Samuel Burr

Secrets and Puzzles

Wed 1 May 5:00pm

£13 students £11

David Troughton

My Stratford

Wed 1 May 6:30pm

£15 students £13

Local Author Showcase

ALL SLOTS ARE NOW SOLD OUT but please come along and support the writers. Registration essential.

Wed 1 May 7:00pm



Discovering your Story: researching and writing your family history

Thu 2 May 9:15am


Duncan Minshull

WALK: Globetrotting: Writers Walk the World

Thu 2 May 10:00am

£13 students £11

Simon Mason WORKSHOP

Plotting a Story

Thu 2 May 10:00am

£45 students £43

Rachel de Thame

A Flower Garden for Pollinators

Thu 2 May 12:00pm

£13 students £11

Alan Johnson and Simon Mason

Turning to Crime

Thu 2 May 2:00pm

£14 students £12

Virginia Nicholson and Jill Burke

The Agony of Being Beautiful

Thu 2 May 2:00pm

£13 students £11

Caroline Wheeler and Sam Peters

The Power of Investigative Journalism

Thu 2 May 3:30pm

£13 students £11

Polly Toynbee

An Uneasy Inheritance

Thu 2 May 5:00pm

£15 students £13

Alex Edmans

May Contain Lies

Thu 2 May 6:00pm

£13 students £11

SOLD OUT The Booklovers' Wine Tasting

The wines to drink with every literary genre

Thu 2 May 7:00pm


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