Andrew Miller Festival Book Club Read: The Slowworm's Song

Tuesday 3 May 2022

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Read ahead and then meet the author! This year's book club read is by the Costa Award-winning author of Pure. The Slowworm's Song is a profound and tender tale of guilt, and a search for atonement, it is a love letter narrated by Stephen, an ex-soldier and recovering alcoholic, who receives a summons to an inquiry into an incident during the Troubles many years before in Northern Ireland in 1982. It is the return of what Stephen hoped he had outdistanced, and to testify would jeopardise the fragile relationship with his daughter. Come along and share your thoughts and questions with Andrew.

We have 30 tickets that include a discounted copy of the book (£10 discounted - £18.99 RRP)
Once you have purchased your Ticket with Book option, you can collect your copy from Waterstones, High Street, Stratford. You will be asked to show your printed off ticket or ticket confirmation on your phone.

'At the level of the sentence, the writing is near perfect. But the novel's excellence goes far beyond this.' Elizabeth Lowry, The Guardian

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