Charles Spencer - The White Ship The best selling modern historian explores the dramatic tale of a ship which changed the course of British history forever

Friday 20 November 6:00pm-7:00pm

Online video will be available from Friday 20 November 6:00pm to Sunday 22 November 10:30pm


Stratford Play House

Nine hundred years ago this November, King Henry I sailed for England in triumph after four years of fighting the French. Sailing behind him on the White Ship was the cream of Anglo-Norman society and three of his children, including the only legitimate male heir to the throne. The future was looking gloriously set, until a drunken helmsman rammed the ship into rocks. There would be only one survivor from the gilded roll call of passengers...The bestselling modern historian, Charles Spencer, evokes the harsh and brutal story of a dead heir, a civil war of untold violence, and a game of thrones which saw families turned in on each other – and how the course of British history changed overnight.

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