Claire Wilcox - Patch Work, A Life Amongst Clothes Celebrate the power of the things we wear with curator of fashion at the Victoria and Albert Museum, Claire Wilcox

Sunday 22 November 4:00pm-5:00pm

Online video will be available from Sunday 22 November 4:00pm to Sunday 22 November 10:30pm


Stratford Play House

Join the curator of fashion at the Victoria and Albert Museum where she has been for most of her working life, and she’ll take you into the archive of memory, deftly stitching together her dedicated study of fashion with the story of her own life lived in and through clothes. From her mother’s black wedding suit to the swirling patterns of her silk kimono, this is an intimate memoir on the spellbinding power of the things we wear. She’ll tug on the threads that make up the fabric of our lives and show how the stories and the secrets of clothes measure out the passage of time, our gains and losses, and the way we use them to unravel and write our histories.

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