David Baddiel with Giles Fraser The God Desire

Friday 5 May 2023

Crowne Plaza Hotel

For comedian and best-selling writer David Baddiel there isn't a God. He'd love there to be and has spent a lot of time fantasising about how much better life would be if there actually was such a thing as a Superhero Dad who chased off Death. Indeed the very intensity of his, and everyone else’s, desire for God to exist, proves his non-existence, doesn't it? Anything so deeply wished-for we will make it real, won't it? For Giles Fraser, broadcaster and Vicar of St Anne's Kew, there is a God. Former Canon of St Paul's Cathedral, he suffered a personal crisis that followed his support for the Occupy movement outside the Cathedral in 2011, and its surprising consequences. Join two brilliant thinkers as they thrash out philosophy, the power and impact of religion, and our desire for a higher being - and see if they can find a point of understanding in this most ancient of debates. David's latest look is called The God Desire; Giles' book Chosen explores his Jewish ancestry.

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