David Rooney About Time

Saturday 13 November 2021

Town Hall

Since the dawn of civilisation, we have kept time and our lives are ruled by it. From the city sundials of ancient Rome to the era of the smartwatch, clocks have been used throughout history to wield power, make money, govern citizens and keep control. The historian and former curator of timekeeping at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich tells the story of timekeeping, and how it continues to shape our modern world. From medieval water clocks to monumental sundials, and from coastal time signals to satellites in earth’s orbit, he’ll explain the fascinating story of how clocks have helped us navigate the world, build empires and even taken us to the brink of destruction. ‘An utterly dazzling book, the best piece of history I have read for a long time’ – Jerry Brotton, author of A History of the World in Twelve Maps.

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