Garth Marenghi An Evening of Incarcerat

Saturday 28 October 2023

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Following the massive success of his long-lost novel Terrortome, the Sunday Times bestseller and Archduke O’Darkdom is back with us and with his latest masterpiece, Incarcerat. It needs no introduction except to quote the glowing reviews: “So dense with brilliant jokes that it cannot safely be read while drinking hot liquid” iNews. “Puts the ‘boo’ into book tour” The Guardian. “Had the crowd hooting and hanging, insatiably, on every line.” The Telegraph. “A pitch-perfect parody of terrible genre writing” Chortle. Copies of Incarcerat will be available for purchase on the day. Be warned: signings are strictly time limited. You’ll get no more than one minute with the world’s greatest Frightenerman, Darkscribe, Doomsage (plus Man-Shee) before you’re moved on and/or manhandled.

Seats are unreserved. There will be a short interval.

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