Lucy Mangan and Georgie Hall (AKA Fiona Walker) Family Life, Hey?

Friday 12 November 2021

United Reformed Church

The Guardian’s TV critic, Lucy Mangan, and best-selling local author Georgie Hall (AKA Fiona Walker) tell it like it is as they share the inspiration – well, family life really – behind their respective novels Are We Having Fun Yet? and Woman of a Certain Rage. Laugh with wry recognition as they share the horror stories around children, pets, husbands – oh, and the menopause. Any of that sound familiar? Caitlin Moran on Lucy’s debut: ‘Utterly, utterly perfect and brilliant – I think it is, simply, a new classic, and the book every woman will be able to trust to make her happy when she picks it up.’

Talking to Jane Garvey

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