Margaret Heffernan - Uncharted How to map the future together and why unpredictability is good for us

Saturday 21 November 4:00pm-5:00pm

Online video will be available from Saturday 21 November 4:00pm to Sunday 22 November 10:30pm


Stratford Play House

We are addicted to prediction, desperate for certainty about the future. But, as 2020 has shown us, uncertainty is a fact of life. The distinguished businesswoman and author explores the people and organisations who aren’t daunted by uncertainty, how uncertainty can be both invigorating and important in our development as humans, and share how radical exercises with wildly diverse participants allow everyone to create outcomes together and how crises reveal the vital social component in resilience. She also challenges us to resist the false promises of technology and efficiency and instead to mine our own creativity and humanity.

‘Heffernan is... a deft storyteller. Uncharted is... wise and appealingly human’ Tim Harford Financial Times

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