Margaret MacMillan - War, How Conflict Shaped Us ONLINE ONLY The acclaimed historian examines a provocative question: is war an essential component of humanity?

Friday 20 November 9:00am

Online video will be available from Friday 20 November 9:00am to Sunday 22 November 10:30pm



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The bestselling author, Reith Lecturer and Professor of History asks a provocative question: is war an essential component of humanity and our history, and peace an aberration? She’ll look at the ways in which war has influenced human society and how, in turn, changes in political organisation, technology, or ideologies have affected how and why we fight, and ask when did war first start and does human nature doom us to fight one another? Roll up your sleeves for a fascinating look at our innate stomach for the fight. Margaret MacMillan’s acclaimed books include Women of the Raj and Paris 1919, for which she was the first woman to win the Samuel Johnson Prize, and The Uses and Abuses of History.

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