Peter Brathwaite Rediscovering Black Portraiture

Thursday 4 May 2023

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Inspired by the Getty Museum's Lockdown challenge to recreate a work of art at home, the acclaimed opera baritone and Radio 3 presenter researched and recreated more than 100 artworks featuring portraits of Black sitters throughout history and posted them on social media to massive international attention. His incredible images now appear in a book and, framed by contributions from experts in art history and visual culture, offer a nuanced look at the complexities and challenges of building identity within the African diaspora and how such forces have informed Black portraits over time. He'll talk about how he created the images so brilliantly using bits and pieces he found around the house, and how the project directly confronts the international debate about representation and decolonisation in museum collections and spaces. Brathwaite’s re-creations are on view at the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery in Bristol from April 14 to July 23.

Have a look at the brilliant images here.

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