Roger McGough - Joined Up Writing The 'patron saint of poetry' reads from his latest collection of moving and witty poems

Saturday 21 November 6:00pm-7:00pm

Online video will be available from Saturday 21 November 6:00pm to Sunday 22 November 10:30pm


Stratford Play House

A warm welcome to the person Carol Ann Duffy called ‘The patron saint of poetry’. For more than fifty years, Roger McGough has entranced generations of readers with poetry which is at once playful and poignant, intimate and ambitious in its scope. Sit back and soak up his latest collection as he focusses his sharp wit on everything from forgotten friendships and the idiosyncrasies of family life, to the trauma of war right through to contemporary politics, exploring the human experience in all its shades of light and dark, but always with his signature warmth and style.

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