Sam Carr and Bruce Hood Being Alone and Being Happy

Saturday 4 May 2024 4:00pm-5:00pm


£11 students

Crowne Plaza Hotel


or call the box office on 0333 666 3366

The number of people living alone in the UK is 8.3 million. That’s 13% of the household population and 30% of all households, and the majority (53%) of these households are women. Living alone, or feeling lonely even when not alone, is known to have a negative impact on health and wellbeing. But there is a huge difference between being alone and being alone - so how do we make being alone a positive experience and make sure it’s good for us? Psychologist Dr Sam Carr is the author of All the Lonely People: Conversations on Loneliness and world-leading psychologist and happiness expert Professor Bruce Hood is the author of The Science of Happiness: Seven Lessons for Living Well.

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