Writers Bootcamp - All four workshops SOLD OUT with Meg Sanders

Tuesday 2 May 2023

Crowne Plaza Hotel


The Writer’s Bootcamp returns! Wherever you are in your writing journey, join us for just one session, or for a two-hour workshop on a different theme each day guided by writing tutor and best-selling author Meg Sanders. She’ll help you iron out glitches in your manuscript, and help you polish it so you can pitch it to Kate Johnson, leading agent at MacKenzie Wolf literary agency.

Tuesday 2nd May

Day 1: Presenting your manuscript and characterisation
Today we talk about genre and market awareness, how to choose and approach an agent, and the presentation of your manuscript. We’ll start working on an elevator pitch and look at the main characters in your work.

Wednesday 3rd May

Day 2: Point of View, voice and dialogue
Point of view is an essential element of writing; it’s the way you connect with your reader. We’ll look at ways of reinforcing the coherence of narrative voice, discuss the conventions of dialogue and how to make it work harder in your story.

Thursday 4th May

Day 3: Narrative and scene setting, and theme
Descriptive writing can make your story come alive. It provides the backdrop for your narrative and can strengthen and support its development. We’ll explore the underlying themes of your story and how you can link them to other elements.

Friday 5th May

Day 4: Metaphor, plot and structure. Editing.
Today we’re going to take a step back and look at your work as a whole. Is the plot coherent? Is the structure sound? Have you enriched your narrative with compelling metaphor? How can you assess your story and make changes? And how can you tackle them systematically?

Friday 5th May
The Pitch

Workshop attendees who’ve worked with us throughout the week will get the unique chance to make a snappy 5 minute pitch you’ll have worked on all week to Kate Johnson, leading agent at MacKenzie Wolf literary agency, for her comments.

Friday 5th May
Meet the Agent

The inside track on maximising your chances of seeing your work published is what every writer needs, and this is your chance! Kate Johnson, leading agent at MacKenzie Wolf literary agency, will share her thoughts on what agents and publishers are looking out for and will give her professional advice on how best to prepare and present your work so you have the best chance possible of getting noticed.

Each workshop can be booked separately here except The Pitch event which is only open to those who have attended at least one workshop.

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