Outreach in Schools

The Stratford Literary Festival is a registered charity with aims to encourage a love of books and writing, and to use books and writing to educate, improve well-being and increase the life skills that reading and writing can bring.

Good literacy is the bedrock of education and the springboard to positive well-being and life outcomes - and we're right on the starting blocks!

We just love spreading the word. If you feel you can support us please email us here.

Events in Schools in 2023 and 2024

Last year we worked with author/illustrators Tim Tilley, Gary Northfield, Myles and Greg McLeod, Jo Surman and Chris Priestley who've inspired children and students from year 3 to year 10.

In 2024 we're working with Sam Sedgman, Janelle McCurdy, MG Leonard, Neill Cameron, Joseph Coelho, Alex Wheatle, Adam Rutherford, Sarah Coyle, Anthony McGowan, Michael Rosen, Neill Cameron, The Brothers McLeod, Cat Weatherill, Louie Stowell, and Matt Goodfellow

We've visited many schools across the region and inspired thousands children with workshops and author events.

With thanks to Greosn and Robert Salt for their support of our outreach programme in schools.

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